Cloud Services

Remote / Cloud Computing – Technology For Profitable Productivity

With the evolution of mobile devices, everyone wants access to their applications and data now and from where ever they are, at this moment.  Many of these solutions are only available to the enterprise companies with dedicated engineers.  Why shouldn’t the small to mid-sized business have these tools as well?  You should be able to access your ERP or EMR application from your IPad or Tablet.  Imagine being able to work away from the office in your line of business application.  Pulling the reports you need from a local coffee shop or right before an important meeting at a client’s office.  Our cloud offering allows you have access to all of your data wherever you are.

Remote / Cloud Computing is a server-client communication technology in which the client-side systems are totally dependent on the server-side systems for their functionality and operation. The application of a Remote / Cloud Computing Solution can give your company many advantages such as cost saving, resource optimization, time reduction, better processing and management, which leads to an increase in productivity, global access, minimal system failures and a lot more.


With our services, you can achieve the sharing of secured information on the server when and where you need it and boost your workforce’s productivity, remote communication, file sharing, while having 24x7 technical support available.

A Remote / Cloud Computing Solution makes productivity your company’s priority, without the need for investment in resources / manpower as compared to the traditional style in which companies work with set hardware and software.

What You Get With Us

  • Instant Server Access
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Complete Mobility Solution
  • Secured Data and Back-ups
  • Prompt Disaster Recovery

At Kotori Technologies, we have a strong team of qualified resources to render world class Remote / Cloud Computing Services. Take advantage of our services now – contact us for a Free Cloud Readiness Evaluation today by calling 843-553-8800.


Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps Provider – We Believe In Simple And Better

Still using POP3 or have your own internal mail server.  Mail servers are by far one of the MOST expensive investments in a company’s IT infrastructure.  It takes a tremendous amount of work to support one of these servers.  When it goes down there is potential for LARGE scale losses and being down is just so painful.  Many companies have decided to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps and get rid of this headache.  Why?  Well, it just works!  No need for a dedicated mail server or having to deal with 3-4 different mailboxes using POP3.  Keep your emails, contacts and calendars all in sync.  We can help you with the migration and the implementation.

Our Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps Solutions will enable your team to access full cloud control to strategize your production in a better way. We provide a robust and versatile platform for bulk e-mail communication, to benefit your company’s operations immensely.

What You Get With Us

  • Uninterrupted Mailing Service
  • An Easy-to-use Cloud Platform
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Implementation of Microsoft SharePoint

We at Kotori Technologies understand your IT needs better. Microsoft Office 365 & Google Apps for Business are internationally acclaimed solutions for smart work. These have direct positive impact on your whole operations. Contact us today for a Free E-Mail System Evaluation.