Voice / Unified Communication System – Reach Your Client Better

In most companies, voice is the #1 most critical application.  How can you expect to do business with new clients if you can’t reach them on the phone right?  If you lose your phone service, how devastating is it to your company?  Make sure your company’s phone and communications systems stay online.  Kotori understands the need for a reliable phone system.  Make sure that your phone system can keep up with you.  The latest in telephone communication is mobile and video conferencing.  Why not make sure that’s a part of your phone system moving forward?  Let us work with you to make sure you have a unified communication system that will keep you in touch with your clients.

This saves you money on resource set up for the commercial communication channel, offering a wide range of commercial options like video conferencing, voice calling, teleconferencing, at reduced rates. What you ultimately get through this is complete Voice and Unified Communication System Management and managed tele-presence for your company.

What Makes Us Different are Our Comprehensive Services Features:

  • A Qualified Technical Team
  • Scalable Voice Solutions
  • Reliable Services
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Access via Mobile Application


We consider it a priority to provide you a secure, clear and high quality communication channel to improve intercommunication on a good bandwidth. Create a strategic communications alliance with us! 

Virtual Infrastructure Systems – Leader In Virtual Infrastructure Management

Virtualization is the standard now a days.  However, many companies are still doing large physical server implementations.  Most of the time we find this is because the client does not know how to get the technology to work.  The use of one physical server per application is a huge waste of resources.  Many companies don’t use all the CPU, Memory or Disk space on a physical server.  Virtualization allows the client to utilize these resources across many servers.  This allows the client to maximize its resources and save money.  We can help you implement everything from Virtual Servers, Virtual Networking or Virtual Storage.  Knowing how these systems work together is critical to a successful implementation.

Virtual Infrastructure Systems is defined as an environment to manage resources / manpower for better production, communication and profitability. Our services fair better as compared to conventional physical servers and closed office rooms, which leads to a waste of resources. In contrast, our Virtual Infrastructure Systems help clients to maximize productivity without investing much of their budget.

The advantages of a Virtual Infrastructure Systems are enormous for your company – Virtual Resources are reliable for any task, making the optimization easy for the company. Cost saving, time saving and minimized efforts are the direct advantages of Virtual Infrastructure Systems!

What You Get With Us

  • A Central Control Platform
  • Clear Visibility Over the Workforce
  • Real-time Analysis of Performance
  • Secure Network
  • Assured Cost Savings

We ensure that you get a robust Virtual Infrastructure System to overhaul your current operational systems. We believe in integrated virtual enterprise management with the help of our business experts, with extensive experience in delivering these services. 

For more details or the best deal as per your company size, call us today and ask for our Free Virtual Readiness Checkup. 


Website Development & Marketing – Futuristic Approach to Web Development

When was the last time you actually looked at your website?  When did you write your last blog post?  The issue with most companies is they don’t understand how to use their website.  Most of them think it is this static thing you just put up there and magically they will call you.  Well that’s not how it’s done.  Most business owners don’t understand that putting up a website is like building a building.  Ok now it’s built… where’s your sign?  How do you get people to come into your business and use or try you?  Back in the day people used the “Yellow Pages” to find you now a days they use search engines and mobile applications.  Understanding how to get listed and ranked in these search engines is the difference between customers finding your website instead of a competitors.  Unfortunately there are just too many BAD Website designers.  Don’t get me wrong, you can pay $1,000 or $2,000 for a website that may look good.  But ask yourself, can people find you?  Is your site optimized for people to find you?  You want to make sure people on the internet see you and like what they see.  Stand out from the rest and give us a call.

Website Development & Marketing is a complete process of designing, developing, executing, promoting and selling the website. This ready to use website development and marketing approach is required for kick starting the business on a rapid development basis. It prepares, designs, and develops template style collections of web pages. The final modification / optimization is done as per your requirements and demand. 

We take a simple and holistic approach that saves you money, time and effort. You get what you need, within the minimum time possible. We have a creative and result-oriented approach for Website Development to help you grow your business!

What You Get With Us

  • Proper Website Strategy, Aligned to your Business
  • Robust Web Designs
  • Mobile Platform Compatibility
  • User-friendly Approach
  • Futuristic Designs for Long-term Sustainability

To get this modern approach of web designing, development, and marketing for your enterprise, call us today at 843-553-8800. Do not forget to ask about our Free Evaluation services.