Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery – Keep Your Data Secure From Threats

Your CEO walks in and tells you to recover XYZ server in the next hour.  Can you do it?  Have you tested it? When was the last time you tested it.  Oh and by the way, your first option to restore did not work.  Can you recover from your backup’s backup?  Too many things can go wrong with technology.  Anything from an upset employee to an office fire.  Have you thought about how to make sure you are protected from all of these? We have found that most companies have a very relaxed approach to their data backups.  When we ask most folks how their data backs up or when they were tested, most of them cannot tell us.  Letting someone that does not understand your company's IT systems, is like letting your 14 year old drive your brand new car.  Do you trust your 14 year old to run your company???  Most owners would say “No”!

Backup & Disaster Recovery is the technique of creating a backup of the data, at a place which is 100% protected from any threats. On the other hand, Disaster Recovery is a process that retains the backed up data to the original operating server, after resolving the threat. The major advantage of our Backup & Disaster Recovery Service is the automation of tasks to provide your company with complete data security against any potential threat. 

This 24 X 7 service is aimed to provide backup security, along with time and effort reduction!

What Can You Expect…

  • Full Server Backup
  • Flexible Recovery (whenever required)
  • Cost Effective Backup Solution
  • Effortless Data Recovery
  • High-end Security
  • Access from anywhere
  • Complete Cloud Backup and Recovery

 We at Kotori Technologies, employ a professional team to render better security for your backed up data. Call us today and ask for a Free Network Evaluation.