IT Security Services

Virtual Security Officer – Security Goes Hi-Tech

If you turn on the news, you have seen all the press about hackers and security leaks.  Did you know that most small businesses don’t have nearly enough protection from hackers?  They believe it’s not going to happen to them.  Well just know the only reason you have not been hacked is because you have not been chosen to be hacked.   Without active protection and monitoring there is no way to protect yourself.  If you’re a healthcare company, then you have requirements from HIPPA to make sure that your patient’s data is safe.  Failure to do this can mean over $10,000 in fines.  Are you prepared to pay those fines?  If you’re in the financial sector then you have requirements from SOX. Kotori offers you the ability to have that front line of defense.  Many people believe that their IT guy is the security guy.  But know this, most companies do not provide the proper training to its IT staff to understand and know the attack threats that hackers can bring to your company.  Make sure you are prepared and not just another headline waiting to happen.

The Virtual Security Officer is an on-site guard that monitors your entire network, data storage, virtual infrastructure and other IT resources. It not only helps you to secure important data, but also boosts up the security protection levels in your company.

Hire our Virtual Security Officer Service to save money on the installation and maintenance of IT Surveillance Systems. We can help you improve your efficiency and protection value which saves you time and effort. 

What You Get With Us

  • Ongoing Access to Rectify Errors
  • 24x7 Dedicated Services
  • Highly Skilled Team of Technicians
  • Detailed Security Report
  • Better Decision Making Capacity
  • Executive Level Security
  • Virtual Surveillance of Entire Operating Network

We believe in providing easy-to-deploy Virtual Security to your company’s network as per international IT Security and Surveillance standards. Contact us now, for more information on our Virtual Security Officer Service with Free Network Security Evaluation.


Video Surveillance Systems – Security Modernized

Let me guess, something happened at your company and now you’re looking for someone to put up some cameras at your office to help you the next time.  You have a limited budget and don’t want to spend much.  You even thought of going to Sam’s Wholesale to see what they had, or maybe you know a guy that does cameras on the side.  I mean how hard can it be right?  Well actually there are a number of issues that come up with large installs.  How far of a cable run do you need?  Are you trying to cover a large campus of a school or are you needing to see in the dark?  These are just a few of the things we need to know to make sure you have a good video management system (VMS).  

Our video surveillance systems provide robust visual security over your entire office, campus or warehouse.  We can design a system to match your needs to the letter.  Are you looking for general surveillance?  Do you need to identify how much money was taken out of a register?  Will you have someone watching the cameras all the time?  These are just a few of the questions we ask when we do an evaluation.  Our goal is to save you the time, effort and cost of installing the wrong VMS.

What You Get With Us

  • 24x7 Recording and Alerting
  • Expert Team for Video Surveillance Design
  • Mobile Application to View Your Systems from Home
  • Secure and Backed-up Video Surveillance Data
 Secure yourself with Kotori.  Let us help you design and install your VMS today.