Managed Services

Complete Infrastructure Management

Kotori provides the design, implementation and management of technology systems for small to medium sized businesses.  Many growing companies struggle with “the piece meal effect.”  This tends to happen with companies that either outgrow their infrastructure or IT person during a growth phase.  This means that you typically buy something now because you need it and don’t think of the long term effects.  Most of the time this leads to spending the money on the wrong technology.  Do you know what equipment to buy that will easily allow you to expand or grow down the road?  The issue with buying from other product based companies is they really don’t try to understand your business.  Most of their time is spent in trying to sell you more products.  You may have a product that works for the solution you’re doing right now but if you looked at the bigger picture you may have gotten something different because of another need you may not have thought about.

If your company’s IT Infrastructure is error-free and administered well, it will result in greater productivity across operations for you. At Kotori Technologies, we offer you our technical and project management expertise to take complete care of your company’s technological needs. We have a great deal of experience in the field and provide you with a hardcore commitment to world class Infrastructure Management Services. With the help of our services, you can achieve your business objectives, save operational costs, and reduce lag time.

This allows you to rest assured that your company’s IT Infrastructure is in safe hands. We offer dynamic and custom made solutions as per your requirements, while giving special attention to risks involved. You can now dream of a better business! Call us for a Free Network Evaluation today!

Virtual CTO/CIO Management – We manage Technology profitably

Most companies operate with the CFO as the IT expert.  When did a CFO become the tech expert?  Honestly it is just how it’s done.  Most CFOs are very analytical so most people look at them for IT support.  This solution is like asking a restaurant server to be the Chef.  Sure they deal with the food but do they know how to prepare it?  Maybe or maybe not.  Our Virtual CTO and CIO management provides your company with someone that understands business and understands technology.  This allows your company to leverage the technology to improve your bottom line.  We also guide our clients to making long term decisions based on company goals.

With a third party consultant like Kotori Technologies, you can create focused and workable IT strategies, using our expertise in the area. Our chief objective is the identification of problem areas, while our main concern is the improvement of your systems and processes. With us, you can expect maximum Return on Investment (ROI), improvement in your company’s efficiency, enhancement in your operational productivity and optimization of your workforce, through organized and effective IT systems and networks.

We, at Kotori Technologies, deliver CTO/CIO services of International standards. Our unique capabilities combined with dedicated workforce delivers efficient IT solutions. Powered with global best practices and updated skills, we build informative and collaborative systems.

If you are working hard for a successful business, allow us to help you with our Virtual CTO/CIO Management. Call us today for a Free Network Evaluation.

Technology Workforce Management

Technology Workforce Management Services offered by Kotori Technologies aim to empower CEOs and COOs to define business goals, monitor progress and achieve success.

Do you have existing IT Staff and just not sure if they know what they are doing or how effectively they are doing their job.  What do your employees think of the IT department?  How is the customer service for that department?  Many companies are at the mercy of their IT department.  Many executives or managers don’t know how to manage these employees because they get intimidated by these individuals.  We will help you turn their work into metrics that you can manage.  Customer service satisfaction, SLAs, Escalation workflows.  How long did your IT guy actually spend working on issues last month?  Do you need to hire more IT folks?  Are you sure?

An easy-to-deploy and reliable solution, your company’s management can now understand the needs of IT and IT personnel, thus assisting them in strategizing a methodology to manage them. Get ready to make your organization powerful with a powerful staffing solution! Our workforce optimization and staffing solutions help you to ensure that you get efficient field and database management. The solution facilitates you to set goals for your teams, monitor goal achievement, supervise operations and analyze performance. 

Some of the features and facilities of the Technology Workforce Management Solution are listed below. We help your management to effectively handle several workforce related functions and activities such as… 

  • Payroll and Benefits
  • HR Administration
  • Employee Self-services
  • Time and Attendance
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • Learning / Training Management
  • Performance Management
  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Labor Budgeting
  • Workforce Tracking and Emergency Assistance
  • Absence and Leave Management

Kotori Technologies is the best at matching your requirements with the best available resources in the market. Contact us now, to see what difference an expert can bring to your team.