We believe in assisting our clients every step of the way – keeping them informed, sharing the steps involved, performing preventive work (such as performance monitoring) and, if we are responding to a failure, determining how to keep it from happening again. We specialize in educating you in the information technology options available to ease your business' IT concerns. Our professional scope ranges from engineering and implementing local and wide area networking solutions to architecting and designing custom software applications to address your specific business needs.


Here’s what our clients are saying:

When I first meet Neadom, he told me that he wanted to be our partner and not just another IT guy. I cannot count the number of times they have been here for us and helped implement new technology solutions to help our teachers and students be successful. I have worked with other IT companies in the past with mixed results but Neadom and his team really understand our needs and really helps me do my job!
Maria Smith, Bishop England High School
The professionalism and extensive knowledge that Kotori Technologies was able to provide us with allowed us to upgrade our network with confidence.
John J. Silvia, Jr., Welcom Cabinets, Inc
During the summer of 2012, Streit USA Armoring hired Kotori Technologies to help establish our electronic communications systems in a new building that was under construction. Kotori and Neadom Tucker in particular were instrumental in setting up a system that provided a seamless transition during the move of September 2012. Since that time the entire Kotori company has been responsive to our needs and continues to provide outstanding support for all electronic security issues.
Eric Carlson, Streit USA Armoring
Da Bomb! Kotori upgraded my computer system without interrupting our company's operation. The technician was very professional... They bust their hump. Work made simple by Kotori.
Patrick Blevins, Carolina Custom Air
Our previous technology company had us so confused we did not know what was happening half of the time. Kotori informs us of the issues that arise and how we should handle them.
Peggy Norris, The Design Company
I would heartily recommend Kotori Technologies for any company in need of high-tech consulting and 'spot on' problem solving.
Bill Harrison, Viking Beverage Control Systems
Neadom and I have been working together professionally for almost 10 years. His enthusiasm and commitment to excellence is second to none. When it comes to IT Solutions and Data Protection, Neadom is the BOMB. Thanks for all you do!
Cindy Newman, LowcountryMediaSolutions
Neadom and the guys at Kotori really helped us out and continue to do so. We first hired them years ago to create a web portal for our business customers. Recently he has taken our entire company from medal filling cabinets to the cloud along with troubleshooting our computers and fixing or replacing what needs to be fixed or replaced. We are extremely more efficient now days. We are currently working on updating our customer scheduling interface along with our customer portals. Will recommend Neadom for any computer and IT needs.
Brian Peppin, Blue Haven Pools & Spas
Neadom and Kotori have been a god send for the Daniel Island Company. We eliminated our in-house IT department and are getting better results at a fraction of the cost. Highly recommended!
Matt Sloan, The Daniel Island Company

Using technology to save time and streamline communication – not to mention improving the patient experience – led this medical practice to a 20% increase in profits within three months.



An outdated, piecemeal approach to IT put this professional financial firm’s operations at unneeded risk, slowed their productivity, and threatened to taint their professional image. Kotori turned things around on all counts.



Outrageous credit card processing and telecommunications fees and poor procedures cost this salon products distributor considerably. Improvements from Kotori saved them 25% every month – and boosted business in the process.